UltraMol Fine and ultrafine grinding of various materials
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    About our company:


        UltraMol company  it is small innovative company specializing in the creation of equipment and providing services for obtaining fine and ultrafine powders of different materials. The first activity of our company is focused on the complete recycling of technogenic wastes of rubber plants.


        LLC "UltraMol" (Kursk city, Russia) has developed and patended the technology for mechanical grinding of high temperature rubber up to the fine and ultrafine values (less than 150 microns) at normal temperatures and low energy consumption.


        We are working in real economy sector, and our activities are knowledge-intensive character.


        The future of our company in the creation of high-tech, science intensive, innovative company that adheres to the traditions of high quality, deep knowledge of our products and services, as well as a stable and long-term development and self-improvement.






    Before 2012 - more than two years, a group of stakeholders conducted scientific and marketing research in the field of fluorine rubber recycling;


    November 2012 - completion of the prototype design of a mill complex on obtaining fine powders of fluorine-containing waste rubber;


    29.11.2012 - establishment and registration of the "UltraMol" LLC Kursk;


    03.12.2012 – making of contract on the creation of a mill complex prototype, according to the drawings and technical specifications of “UltraMol” LLC;





    30.01.2013 – the first launch of a mill complex MKR-10 (laboratory prototype) to provide services for superfine grinding of fluorinated rubber waste: capacity is up to 10 kW / hour;


    01.03.2013 – was received the priority for utility model "Method of obtaining the micronized powder from waste of high-temperature materials and a device for its implementation (Variants)";


    08.04.2013 -  received the first grant in the Kursk region for a small innovative enterprise "UltraMol" LLC;



    25.04.2013 - participation in the exhibition "Tires, Rubber - 2013" as a visitor and the presentation of company capabilities by the largest Russian manufacturer of rubber products;


    31.05.2013 - presentation of the company on regional TV;


    10.06.2013 - registration of the patent for utility model number 128860 "Method of obtaining the micronized powder from waste of high-temperature materials and a device for its implementation (Variants)"valid until 03.01.2023 in the State Register of Utility Models Russian Federation, "UltraMol" LLC recognized as the legal owner.


    25.07.2013 – obtained the first batch of waste from "Volzhskrezinotekhnika" JSC for the  grinding and subsequent recycling in the original master batches;


    21.10.2013 - visit of the exhibition K - 2013 in Dusseldorf, performing of the presentation of the company capabilities to the European partners.